L1 Capital

“From start to finish we felt in really safe, experienced hands with Made For.”

Joel Arber, Chief Operating Officer – L1 Capital

L1 Capital’s reimagined workplace takes a wide berth of trend-led design, and focuses on classic, enduring materials and sensibilities. Made For understood the high-performance culture of the business, looking to balance serious ‘at work’ areas with retreat spaces that prioritized comfort, championing the panoramic views of Level 45.

The workplace of L1 Capital required balancing forward planning and having room to expand, with a design sensibility that ensured the space didn’t feel empty or soul-less before it reached capacity. Our guiding principles became ‘quality and performance’, driven by a brief that heroed making it as easy and efficient as possible for employees to seamlessly work through their day. We coupled this with a high-end look and feel for greeting clients in front of house, with a considered yet balanced approach for the workspace area. The final design evoked a home-like feel characterised by comfort and convenience, catering to the staff’s work production needs with a performance driven, no frills back of house.

Deep consideration of the emotional and physical well-being of the staff is reflected in the expression of the space through the placement of key amenities including a large lounge space, library, restaurant sized dining area and gym. The interiors offer a sophisticated yet effortless palette that fosters graceful ageing and timeless beauty.

“We leaned into this idea of longevity and enduring space, balancing performance with quality. Our work for L1 Capital took a wide berth of trend led design to deliver a space that works today, could be from yesterday and should be relevant and timeless for tomorrow.”

Mitchell Jones, Creative Director – Made For