South Melbourne


"From helping find us a new home to delivering a new office that we love, the whole process was seamless and pain-free."

David Okulicz, Managing Director - Kytec

Coffee catch-ups, an informal 1:1, an afternoon drink with a client (yes that's a beer tap), company-wide events, comfortable meeting rooms - Kytec's space reflected what was most important to them; connection, entertaining, and balance.

Working with Kytec, the goal was to execute the office in a way that felt laid-back and homey, while still being conducive to collaboration and productivity. The cafe-style front of house is an expression of Kytec's relationship with their clients and team; continuing client relationships that often feel like friendships, and a space to either relax or celebrate with their close-knit team.

“Prioritising social spaces speaks to building deep connections amongst the team, which in turn leads to better problem solving and stronger relationships at work.” – Mitch Jones, Creative Director - Made For

Tucked away yet full of natural light, the office area is designed to maintain an airy and open atmosphere. Intimate focus rooms are strategically placed throughout the space, allowing for a private phone call or a dedicated block of deep work to be possible without compromising the light feel of the space.

With its blend of comfort and functionality, Kytec's office is not just a place for work, but a space that encourages connection, conversation and a sense of calm throughout the workday.

“This business has a rich history for coming together in non-formal work settings and problem solving and bonding. Kytec reduced their overall footprint from their previous office, but also increased the size of their breakout/social hub almost two fold. That’s a fundamental understanding of what’s important to their team and their culture as part of their new way of working.” – Mitch Jones, Creative Director - Made For