"It was essential to create spaces that allowed the intricacies of Jardan to function as effectively as possible. This required a totally unique solution and could never have been solved by a one size fits all approach.”

Mitchell Jones, Creative Director & Lead Strategist - Made For.

Against the backdrop of the Dandenong Ranges in a former Tupperware factory, Jardan's expansive new office and warehouse is a spatial embodiment of their brand essence, values, and legacy as one of the nation’s most prominent all-Australian furniture designers and manufacturers.

Affectionately titled ‘Golden Hour’, our concept for the space emerged from an extensive strategy-led workshop with staff from all departments at Jardan. This then guided our design direction for the space, inspiring us to harness its abundant natural light to tell the story of Jardan; their origin and inspiration, their style of work and aspirations. It was important that Jardan’s brand identity was felt in the space, and we decided to offer an experiential interpretation of this, rather than fixating on brand colours and application of logos. We wanted to consider the brand holistically.

With their office move, all of Jardan’s operations were consolidated under one roof for the first time. This presented a unique opportunity to design a curated experience for visitors, whether that be architects, designers, or VIP clients. We designed the space so that all visitors would arrive through the ground floor show room. They could then be taken on an organic journey through the building, progressing to observe product sketching, fabric selection, timber polishing - garnering a chronological and comprehensive understanding of Jardan’s process.

The spatial narrative created for Jardan embodies the brand's essence while mirroring the cyclical nature of the life of a product, and the life in a long, Australian day. From the curated showroom experience to the bright, airy workspaces, and sprawling social areas, every element evokes a sense of progression and vitality, mirroring the evolution of a day from dawn to dusk, and a product from inception to completion.