Cremorne Digital Hub

“Made For transformed our workspace at Cremorne Digital Hub. Their design expertise and project management skills delivered a stunning and functional environment. It’s completely boosted our team’s creativity and productivity.”

Tristan Dwyer - Operations Lead, CDH

Cremorne Digital Hub is a new space developed by the Victorian State Government to foster digital innovation, uniting top-tier innovators to scale businesses, and lead them into the global tech industry. Housed in a historic industrial red-brick warehouse in central Cremorne, we transformed the space to embody CDH’s dedication to digital advancement in Victoria, seamlessly integrating it within its urban context.

Our design was inspired by the concept of a ‘Piazza’ – a versatile meeting point for thought, connection, business, gathering, and performance, typically characterized by minimal built form. This idea aligned with the client’s brief, emphasizing flexibility to cater to evolving business needs and future events. We designed for a diverse range of scenarios, resulting in a space capable of effortlessly transitioning between workshops, speaker series, networking sessions, and coworking environments.

The final design maintains the dynamic essence of a coworking space within a multifunctional event setting. Embracing tensile architecture principles enabled the space to remain flexible, easily adapting to different uses. The space was optimised for functionality, employing adaptable dividers and modular furniture arrangements.

“We wanted the industrial essence of Cremorne Digital Hub to be felt throughout the space, whilst still establishing them as a leader in the digital ecosystem in Australia. We achieved this through revealing and celebrating the industrial character of the building, and working with monochromatic insertions and raw finishes.” - Gabrielle Charpentier, Associate Director – Made For