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“Once clients came here and saw our office, we started converting a lot of work. It does legitimise the business, to see that they’re able to create and fit an incredible office. And because we designed and made most of the furniture, that’s been another string to the bow.”

Mitch Jones, Co-Founder & Creative Director – Made For


StudioStudio. is our working studio, situated in the heart of Collingwood, designed and refurbished by Made For. and was formerly a steel manufacturing warehouse.

All of the steel framing in our Studio today is made by Dale & Drew from Rock Martin. Dale & Drew were apprentices under Phillipe Saccoman in the 80’s and 90’s at this very building. It felt only right that we worked with them to deliver our office.

Wherever possible, Australia makers, artists and suppliers were used to fit and furnish our space. The majority of those makers and suppliers are friends and colleagues.

“The office is a capacious and contemporary space, purposively designed, with skeletal partition walls and stainless steel surfaces. But it’s also softened by accents of earthy hues, from clay pink to stone blue.” Cara Stizza, Co-Founder & Design Director – Made For

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