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Ratio Consultants

We met with a number of firms when selecting a design partner for our new space. Where others fell short, Made For dynamically pitched for our business and stood out for their care, professionalism and creativity, which won over our selection committee. These qualities shone through for the entirety of the project. Nothing was ever too much, the communication was always clear and the end product speaks for itself.

Peter McKelvie, General Manager – Ratio Consultants

Ratio Consultants


Ratio engaged Made For at a consultancy level to assist with finding new space in the Richmond/Cremorne area. A comprehensive analysis of on and off market property saw Ratio take a brand new, fully unfitted building in Gwynne St. The office sprawls across 4 levels, with unequalled views of the city and entertainment precinct.

The design process started around the directors and the relationship they have with their teams, the many interactions they have in any given day and the way we could make those interactions easier and more efficient through great use of space.

The materials are timeless, natural and strong, complementing the building – with simple injections of branding and colour to finish the space.




“Planning in the modern era is so 360. Green spaces exist on rooftops, the consideration of our neighbouring buildings and surroundings are such an important part of the planning process, so for Ratio, we got quite literal with that. Their signage is suspended from the ceiling of the building, we have planters sitting high on timber structures above the kitchen, and the tiled face of the island bench is an abstract nod to the Hoddle grid.” Cara Stizza, Design Director – Made For



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